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P05K™ | Bamboo Charcoal Fleece Lux Pocket Mini Skirt

P05K™ | Bamboo Charcoal Fleece Lux Pocket Mini Skirt

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Meet P05K™ Pocket Skirts: Fashion’s answer to function without the fuss. Ditch the tragic comedy of lost glasses and the abyss of handbags. P05K™ is your straightforward, no-nonsense ally in the urban jungle, offering pockets that mean business and a design that doesn’t try too hard. Crafted from bamboo fleece with a dash of spandex, it’s as comfortable as it is practical, with a silhouette that’s flattering without the theatrics. It’s a skirt, it’s pockets, it’s a statement – and it’s about time. Made with discerning taste in Portland, Oregon, P05K™ is for those who want to navigate life with style, wit, and a pocket full of confidence. So, put it on, get out there, and let P05K™ do the talking.

Discover the Wonders of Bamboo Charcoal Fabric

Made from thick, luxurious bamboo charcoal certified organic fleece, this fabric offers unrivaled softness and comfort against your skin. But that's not all! Bamboo charcoal is like a superhero in the textile world - it absorbs infrared rays, improves blood circulation, has antimicrobial properties, and even acts as an insulator against the cold while retaining heat. It's time to experience the wonders of bamboo charcoal fabric for yourself!

A Labor of Nanotechnology and Sustainability

Bamboo fibers undergo a transformation at high temperatures, turning them into fine, dark powder. This charcoal powder is then blended with organic bamboo yarns, creating a unique textile that excels in softness, durability, and breathability - all enhanced by the wonders of nanotechnology. And did we mention that it's eco-friendly too?



  • Four 5" x 7" interior patch pockets
  • Bamboo fleece fabric (less stretch so do not go down a size)
  • Four substantial compartments
  • Fabric loop for keys or glasses
  • Wide waistband for comfort
  • 50% bamboo charcoal 45% organic cotton  5% spandex
  • Made In Portland, Oregon


50% bamboo charcoal 45% organic cotton 5% spandex


Designed and produced in house. P05K™ Pocket Skirts are comfy & easy to wear one pieces that don't require removal when using the loo. Made to order in Portland Oregon.

Production Info

At our company, the pieces we create are all uniquely designed by our team. We take pride in our commitment to eco-conscious fashion, which is why we prioritize the use of sustainable or deadstock fabrics in crafting our items.

When you make a purchase from us, you're not only getting a piece made with love, but you're also actively supporting a more environmentally friendly approach to fashion. By choosing our products, you're casting a vote for responsible consumption.

Please note that since we produce everything in-house on a production schedule, production times can vary from 1 to 4 weeks. Once your order is ready, shipping usually takes between 3 to 7 days. We strive to keep up with demand, but during busy periods, production times may be longer. If you need your MooNees™ union suit or P05K™ pocket skirt urgently, reach out to us via email, and we'll do our best to expedite the process.

For stocked items, we typically ship them within 1 to 2 days.

Care Instructions

Check all pockets for belongings, Turn Inside Out, Wash Cold, Dry Low.

Shipping & Returns

  • Made To Order: Our production time is 1-4 weeks, followed by shipping in 1-5 days. Enjoy a worry-free shopping experience with our 30-day return policy.
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P05K™ Pocket Skirts Vs Traditional Methods Of Stashing Essentials

P05K™ Pocket Skirts Pockets In Clothing Clutch or Crossbody Bag Aprons
Secure Storage
Offers Shaping At Waistline
Comfortable Prolonged Wear
Effortless Item Retrieval
Balanced Weight

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