How Do You Use MooNees™?!

How to Don Your MooNees™ No-Fastener Union Suit

We get it, a union suit without buttons may seem like an enigma. How does one use the restroom in it, you ask? Well, we've anticipated your queries and prepared a comprehensive guide. Here's a drawing and a video to illustrate exactly how to use this game-changing attire.

 how to use the bathroom in a one piece



One crucial tip to remember: always step into the suit through the neck opening. Unlike putting on a typical t-shirt, this process is a bit different. Envision it as stepping into a luxurious cocoon. Simply expand the neck opening, step into it one leg at a time, then glide your torso and arms through. Avoid the urge to try entering through the back panel - that's a no-go zone. Stick to the neck entry, and you'll be cozied up in your ultra-comfortable union suit before you know it!