Customized P05K™ Wearable Pockets: Tailored Branding Solutions for Teams and Businesses

At P05K™, we relish creating unique, custom wearable pockets tailored to your team or business needs. Our dedicated process starts with your unique logo, which becomes the heart and soul of the design. We understand that every brand has its distinct identity, and we aim to preserve and enhance it through our products. Whether it's for your sports team's emblem, your company's corporate image, or even your event's themed artwork, we can bring your vision to life by printing your logo directly onto our high-quality pocket skirts.

We maintain a minimum starting order of 36 pieces. 

We understand that large-scale orders may require a more cost-effective solution. That's why we offer exclusive pricing for orders starting at 60 pieces. Whether you're coordinating a small team or outfitting a large business, we provide an innovative and stylish way to showcase your brand. Trust in our quality and attention to detail, and let us transform our pocket skirts into a unique, wearable symbol of your collective identity.

Pieces Ordered Discount off Retail
36-72 Pieces 30%
72-144 Pieces 40%
144+ Pieces 50%