Collection: P05K™ Pocket Mini Skirts

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Where Fashion Meets Functionality in Clothing

  • Price Range: $68 - $75
  • Storage: 4 Roomy Compartments, 4 Patch Pockets, and a Strap with Carabiner for keys
  • Coverage: Extends from Waist to Upper Thigh

The P05K™ Pocket Skirt stands as a testimony to the blend of historical convenience and contemporary fashion. Distinguished from accessories, this garment integrates the classic concept of waist-worn pockets into a stylish skirt that serves as an actual piece of clothing. Not just a skirt, it's a revolutionized pocket paradise that offers not only a bold fashion statement but a hub for your daily essentials.

Featuring an impressive array of pockets, it serves as your personal storage assistant, always ready to keep your necessities organized and within reach. The added benefit of a carabiner ensures that your keys are just a flick away, saving you from the routine frantic searches. Embrace the convenience of bygone days in a modern, stylish garment that caters to both your fashion and functionality needs, promising a chic and hands-free experience.

The Micro Mini Pocket Skirt comes in various fabric weights. 

The Pockets Skirt is available in a range of fabric weights. While heavyweight options offer enhanced shaping abilities, they are also a bit bulkier compared to midweight fabrics. Reach out to us if you'd like more information about a particular fabric.